Lagoh Prano Chiropractic Center



Chiropractic Care

If you have an injury or would like wellness-based care then chiropractic care is for you. It's not just about the adjustment, we also offer passive and active care and basically anything that will help you feel better. We accept most insurances and work with care accident and work injury cases.



Can be performed in conjunction with chiropractic care or by itself. We offer many different modalities and lengths of time. Need a gift certificate? We can do that too.


DOT Physical

Federal physical for commercial drivers.


Drug Testing

Federal and Non-federal. Pre-employment, random, etc.


Sports Physicals

For kids and athletes.


Nutrition Program

Learn about nutrition and lifestyle care.


Chiropractic Consultation

Nervous about chiropractic? A lot of people are! Complementary first consultation to see how you could benefit from care.


Ear Candling

Helps to clean out the ears and is particularly helpful when sick with an ear infection or sinus problems.

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Follow us on Instagram

You will find lots of information and pictures of conditions/how we care for them. Dr. Alex logs on Instagram Live regularly and discusses common chiropractic conditions that she sees. Follow us today @lagohpranochiropractic! 

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Chair Massage Events

One of the ways that we market our practice is by doing chair massage events for local companies. It is typically for 2-3 hours at a time and can be arranged to have 1-2 chairs available depending on company size. 

Interested? Email us:

Lunch 'n' Learns

Dr. Alex enjoys doing quarterly lunch 'n' learns. What is that? Dr. Alex brings your office lunch or coffee/donuts and discusses a health topic that's relevant to your job. Email us ( to have your company name submitted as we choose randomly 4x/year. Good luck!

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Sporting Events

Dr. Alex often works with sporting groups for events or practice to help keep the athletes in prime competitive condition. 

If this is something you may be interested in please contact us and Dr. Alex would love to help.


If you are part a school we also offer sports physicals both at the office and as an event at the school!


DOT Physicals & Drug Testing

Dr. Alex performs DOT/DL-51 physicals as well as DOT and non-DOT drug testing.

If your company is hunting for a new provider to contract then we would love to work with you!

Workman's Compensation

Dr. Alex works with many of the AV's small businesses to ensure proper care of their employees. Being your designated doctor after an injury coupled with performing drug tests makes Lagoh Prano Chiropractic the perfect chiropractic office to keep you and your employees safe.